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The go-to iGaming company in South Africa and beyond

It all started in 2008 when Intelligent Gaming was incorporated with the vision of being the gaming technology company of choice in South Africa when it comes to enabling the realization of ideas and dreams.

Our Story

Throughout the last 12 years, Intelligent Gaming has rapidly grown to be the go-to iGaming company in South Africa and beyond.

Intelligent Gaming is a licensed manufacturer of wagering products and software, allowing us to distribute those provided by our trusted and friendly partners.

Although the vision was quite clear at inception, the Intelligent Gaming team is proud that the company now touches over 85% of the South African wagering market in one form or another.

Through hard work and determination, with integrity always at the forefront, Intelligent Gaming has seen many of our clients become significant Tier 1 operators in the region.

Our success truly drives the dedicated Intelligent Gaming team to strive to remain at the forefront of wagering technologies, innovations and strategies.

Within the Intelligent Gaming culture, success is not an end goal as we do not believe that today and tomorrow cannot yield further success.

We look forward to remaining a key part of the iGaming industry within the region for decades to come –and welcome the opportunity to embark on your Success Journey, if you are seeking the leading iGaming company to help you achieve your goals.

Wagering Software

Intelligent Gaming distributes market-leading wagering and payment solutions within the continent of Africa. Our partners share our vission that software needs to meet not only what our clients require today, but for years to come. With an intense focus on usability, architecture, automation and scalability.

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